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Previous Trips

July. 2009 5 of us traveled to Matamoros and picked up Paul and Teri Gonzalez and drove to the states of Oajaca and Veracruz. We ministered with supplies And also looked at opertunties for S.O.S. Ministeries to help in different areas.

Jan. 2009 Muff and Frank went to Matamoros and helped S.O.S. Minestries at the border and held 3 services.

Nov. 2008 the Layton Christian canceled their annual trip for November and we went to Matamoros with the Calvary Chapel of Owasso OK to finish a concrete roof on a church.

Oct. 2008  Frank and Muff went with Rick and Carol Sharp and thier group to Tula, Tamps. Paul and Terri G. went with us from Matamouos. We saw over 25 adults and teenagers accept Jesus and only the Lord knows how many children came forward. Praise the Lord!!.

July 2008  Brad and Amy hosted several people from Chanute KS and met Rex Adams in San Antonio with another group from Colorado on the way to Bustemante, Tamps. They had a great time under missionary conditions and saw several saved. Praise the Lord!!.

June 2008  Frank and Muff traveled with Brad and Amy to 3 villages in the Morelos area South of Eagle Pass, Texas. We held 4 services and saw several children come to Jesus.

April 2008  Frank and Muff met Paul and Terri, S.O.S. Ministries, and traveled with them to the Mexico States of Veracruz and Oaxaca. We helped them with transporting lumber for a small school room and 5,000 bibles. As always we met several new pastors, churches, and went 16 miles up a mountain to a very remote Indian village which took 2 hours to go up and 2 hours to come down.

March 2008  Frank and Muff hosted a group from Joplin MO and Chanute KS along with Brad and Amy hosting a group from the Joplin area. Both van loads traveled to Matamoros MX where we held several services.

Dec. 2007  Frank and Muff left the day after Christmas to visit Muff's brother in Harlingen. While they were there they crossed the border to Matamoros and visited several pastors and gave toys and gifts to them.

Dec. 2007  Brad and Amy hosted a Christmas Trip to Acuna. They had toys and gifts for 4 churchs and held 3 services.

OCT. 2007  3 of us from Joplin MO and 5 Brothers and Sisters from Chanute KS Traveled to the Mexico City and Toluca, Mexico Aeras. We transported our trailer completely full of supplies and last but not least, a dentist chair with all the attachments. We left the chair and supplies at an orphanage, "Ninos de Mexico", near Texcoco. Then 2 days with "Compassion International" in the mountains near Toluca where we unloaded more supplies. Then on the way home we stopped In Tula and Matamoros Tamps. to visit and leave the rest of our cargo.

July 2007  A group of 5 youth and 5 adults from Northview A. G. Joplin MO traveled to Acuna Mexico where we held 4 services and visited Pastor Roberto's family. We saw a mulitude of children acept Jesus and 8 adults ask Jesus into thier hearts. Praise the Lord.

June 03, 2007  Frank went with Brad and Amy to Ciudad Victoria and to a village about 75 miles Southwest of Victoria. Arley road down with us form Harlington, TX. and was a great help with Spanish. We held 4 services in all and saw several children and adults receive Jesus as thier Savior.

May 2007  Four of us went to Zaragoza and Acuna Coahuila. We held 2 services in the Zaragoza area and only 1 service in Acuna due to bad weather.

April 1st 2007  We met 23 students and 5 adults from the Layton Christian Academy, Layto Utah, in McAllen, Texas. This trip they built another casita in Matamoros. This was the 9th trip for Greg and Karen Miller and Billy Jackson.

December 2006  Frank went with 2nd A G Church to Acuna for thier Christmas Trip. The Group had about 400 gift bags to give to children in 4 churchs as well as beens and rice to the families. Wesely Smith was declared Hot Salsa/Jalopina Champion.

November 2006  Frank and Muff drove to Matamoros and helped S.O.S. Minestries load our trailer and with Paul and Terresa Gonzalaz and 2 other Mexican Families headed out for Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. We dropped one man and wife off in Tamuin SLP and arrived in Tuxtepec 5 days after leaving Joplin Missouri. We had a trailer full of food, supplies, etc. from SOS Ministries and bought 300 kilos of beans in Tuxtepec. The highlight of the trip was boating out to an island (Soyaltepec) on a large lake, climbing a mountain in the rain and seeing about 50 adults ask Jesus to come into thier hearts and lives that night when we showed the Jesus Film for Children. We also helped hold several other services. Proof that we lived through this is this letter.

October 2006  3 of us delivered a trailer that belonged to S.O.S. Ministries in Matamoros. We also delivered the money donated for a second story room on a church and worked 4 days helping Helping Hands Mission Outreach of the Rio Grand Vally to construct it.

July 2006  We had 2 vans on this trip to Acuna including a group from Chanute KS, a two friends from Northern Missouri and a family from the Joplin area. We reroofed Pastor Robero's casa in the Village of Santa Maria near Acuna and helped him put his van back on the road. We helped hold 4 evening services. We were blessed to be able to give out 600 lbs. of beans and rice as well as gifts, school supplies and a host of other stuff on this trip.

May 2006  4 of us motored down to Acuna and worked with Pastor Vicente in 4 of his churchs, helped in the kitchen of a grade school and set up meetings for the July trip. We were blessed to be able to give out 700 lbs. of beans and rice.

April 2006  2 of us drove to Brownsville Texas where we met The Layton Christian Academy. We built a casita in a very poor area in Matamoros Mexico for SOS ministries and had a great time with our dear friends.

March 2006  9 of us from Northview AG and 2nd AG, Joplin MO went back to Acuna, Mexico and Ministered in 4 services and enjoyed a lot of fellowship.

Feb. 2006  Frank,Juan Lobo, Marie and Mericka traveled to the State of Coahuila where they held a meeting in Zaragoza and a meeting in the village of Tiopio. Then drove up river to Acuna where they held 2 services and another in the village Santa Maria. Several people acepted Jesus as thier Savior on this trip.

Nov. 2005  Frank Picked up Paul, Terrie, and 5 others at Matamoros and drove down to Tapachula, Chiapas (4,185 miles round trip). Hurricane Stan had devistated that area, washing away a large area of houses,schools, and other buildings. We gave out our trailer load of grains and other supplies and bought more beans to give away. We held 5 evening services,visited many homes and saw many people give thier hearts to Jesus.

Oct. 2005  2 ladies from the Living Word A. G. Church in Chanute KS and 3 young ladies from 2nd A. G. Church in Joplin Mo went with us to Ciudad Vicoria, Mexico. We stayed one night in Matamoros where we picked up Paul and Teresa Gonzalaz who were a great help. Several people gave thier heart to Jesus. We gave school supplies to a multitude of school children. We also were given money to buy 600 pounds of beans and rice to give to the people.

Aug. 2005  Muff and Frank visited the Morales Family in Zaragoza, Couh. We held one meeting there and two meetings at their mission church in Tiopio. We had a real nice time of fellowship.

July. 2005  We hosted 2nd AG from Joplin Mo in Ciudad Victoria, Tamps. We took a trailer load of supplies, shoes food, etc. We held 5 meetings and had a lot of fellowship.

May, 2005   We hosted Mike McLean and Judy Hecker's group with the help of Paul and Teri Gonzalez in the area of Tamuin, SLP. We gave away several hundred pairs of "flip flops" and other shoes as well as beans, rice, powered milk, bibles and enought other stuff to fill our trailer. Many people received Jesus.

March, 2005   Greg Miller's group from Utah and Ric Bolton's group from Indiana got Paul's house started and had the rafters up along with several other painting jobs completed during thier short term mission trip.

Feb., 2005   Cathedral A G. Joplin,MO drove to Matamoros and built a casita in the old squatter's camp area for a lady with 2 children. We also took part in 2 services and was able to share money with 3 pastors.

Dec. 26th, 2004   12 of us made our 11th Christmas Trip with toys for 4 churches as well as other supplies. It was very rewarding and several people accepted Jesus as thier Savior.

Nov., 2004   2 of us returned to the border and picked up Pual and Terry and drove to Tamuin S.L.P. where we delivered grain, mattresses, and other supplies. We also visited some small villages and showed the Jesus Film on the town plaza in Tamuin, a town of around 18,000 people one night.

Sept., 2004   4 of us traveled to Matamoros Mexico where we attended a Sunday night service and picked up 2 more missionaries and drove on down to Tamuin S.L.P. where we passed out school supplies to several hundred students. We held services 3 nights and had many people receive Jesus as thier Savior. We also gave out several hundred lbs. of grain and dried milk.

Aug., 2004   We helped transport 18 short term missionaries from Chanute KS to 3 towns in the border area of Mexico where we visited 4 orphanages and held several services and were blessed to see several people accept Jesus as thier Savior.

June, 2004   We hosted Mike McLean's group from Northern Missouri to the Matamoros Mexico area.

May 29, 2004   Cathedral A. G. spent 4 days in Matamoros. We had 2 feeding programs and was involved in 3 church services. We worked with S. O. S. Mistries this trip.

March, 2004   The Layton Christian Academy built a casita, painted another one and put a new roof on a 3rd house in Matamoros as well as other projects for SOS Ministeries.

Feb., 2004   5 of us delivered our trailer loaded with doors and medical supplies to the border and drove on down to Tula, Tamps. Mexico to help a Mexican Baptist pastor and his wife.

Dec., 2003   Was our 10th Christmas trip. Several churches as well as other people supplied a abundance of toys and gifts for a large number of children as well adults.

April 2008. Traveling with Paul and Teri Gonzalez in the mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico.