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 PRIORITIES - Matthew 6:33
In the 6th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus gave us the prescription 
for a successful life.  He teaches us how to pray (verses 5-13), to forgive 
(verses 14,15) guidelines for fasting (verses 16-18) and what priorities 
should govern our daily living (verses 19-34). 

Matthew 6:33 promises us that if we put the Kingdom of God first in our 
life, We will have all of our needs met. 

We just returned from a mission trip to Mexico 2 days ago that took us 320 
miles below the border.  One family that invited us to eat a meal with them 
had a kitchen with a dirt floor and we could see through the cracks in the 
walls.  They were giving a piece of land to the Lord for a new church to be 
built.  Another pastor that lives in a small house with a dirt floor is 
buying concrete blocks, as he gets a few pesos, to build on to his little 

Maybe we should re-examine OUR PRIORITIES by studying the 6th chapter of