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Commitment - John 15:13
Jesus said, "Greater love has no man, that he lay down his life for his friends".
In John 10:18 Jesus also said, "No man has power to take my life, I lay it down willingly".  This is COMMITMENT!

Many people are committed to different things, even to the point of risking their life: For country, family, friends, job, money, etc. But Jesus only asks us to die to our own selfish desires and lusts, and to LIVE for Him.

We have friends that are preaching and witnessing for Jesus in dangerous parts of the world today.  And I ask you, and myself, how many, that call themselves Christians, are willing to lay down their lives for the Gospel of Christ?

When someone says "Life isn't worth living anymore", perhaps they donít have a cause worth dying for.  It only makes sense to give up what you can not keep, to gain what you can not loose!